Weddings                                                                                     St. Paul’s Church is a place where we celebrate the various moments in our lives that truly bring us joy and a deeper experience of God.  We celebrate weddings in our church, and if you are interested in finding out more about that, please contact Pastor Michael.  There is a time of marriage preparation, and we invite you to come to church and worship with us as a way to get to know each other more.  

Baptisms                                                                                        The same kinds of things can be said about baptism.  Baptism is a way for us to celebrate the new life we have in God, that love and grace that is poured down like water upon us.  Once again, you are invited and encouraged to worship with us for a few weeks before the baptism so that it can truly be a celebration together.  Baptisms are celebrated during the Sunday worship service and are held at various times of the year.  There is a season of Lent just before Easter, and the season of Advent just before Christmas, where we usually do not celebrate baptism  

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