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News & Events



How are your foundations?

          Our lives and our faith cannot exist let alone grow without healthy foundations.

          We can shore up the foundations of our faith, to be the witnesses to Jesus Christ where God has placed us in the world, with the encouragement and help of a comprehensive course put together by Wycliffe College in Toronto. It’s called Christian foundations - a grounding for a life of faith.

          Each person will have their own workbook ($30.00) to cover the 9 modules starting at the beginning and moving on through the background of Israel, the early Church, the Scriptures, the ministry and purpose of God’s kingdom including one’s place in God’s work.

          This course will be facilitated by a small team of people working with Fr Keith and will begin in October, on Thursday evenings.

          Please sign up on the sign-up sheet to both indicate interest and so that a workbook can be ordered for you.

          PS  This is open to people beyond St Paul’s – deanery churches, other denominations here in Brighton and beyond, and those who aren’t connected to any church. All welcome!




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If you are at a church related event, it is possible that your picture will be taken and used for promotional and/or archival purposes by the church.  If for any reason you are not willing to have your picture used, please advise the church office, the minister, or one of the wardens..  A list will be kept in the church office of those persons who advise us that they do not permit their photo(s) to be used. If you have children under the age of 16, the legal parent/guardian will need to sign a photo release form in order for their pictures to be used on the website. These are available through the church office.  Thank you


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