Christian Education
At St. Paul’s, we see Christian education not so much as finding all the right answers, but knowing what questions we need to be asking. We think it is important to be able to explore matters of our faith and make room for not only a variety of opinions but also for unanswered questions.   It is sometimes helpful to look at people like Thomas, the so-called doubting Thomas, as someone who was always asking questions, rarely satisfied with quick answers, had a deep passion for understanding, and was also a man of deep faith.  Perhaps that is the best way to describe our approach to Christian Education here at St Paul’s: not searching for absolute answers, but seeking a wisdom and understanding that leads us to faith.


For Teens

During our 11 am service, the youth gather for education, spiritual development and building relationships. We try to balance their need for good social events, with time to explore spiritual issues and questions our youth have about their lives and the world around them.  We work closely with Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited (Northumberland, Quinte, & YFC/Canada - World Outreach), and the  Beacon Youth Centre (NYFC) here in town.  We also have a good working relationship with the student services department of our local high school - ENSS.


For All Ages

We have a growing library, which provides a wide range of books and other resources for people of all ages to learn and explore at their own pace.  Our volunteer librarian keeps us well-stocked with 'the classics' of the Christian Faith, as well as new and contemporary sources of learning.




For Children

We have been looking carefully and creatively at our Sunday school program, to see how we can be more engaging with our children. St Paul’s does have a good Sunday School on Sunday mornings run by a faithful and dedicated group of volunteers. The children usually gather first in church with a talk with Pastor Michael, and then go to Sunday school in the hall. They return to worship in the church in time to share in communion.


For Adults
We provide various opportunities throughout the year for adults to grow in their relationship with God and learn from one another. We do this as we offer bible studies, book studies, and video-based discussion groups.  We have recently looked at the prophet Elijah as well as the Book of Revelation in our bible study groups. Some of the books we have looked at include Henri Nouwen’s The Return of the Prodigal Son, Marcus Borg’s The Last Week, and William Young’s, The Shack.  One of the video series' we've explored is the NOOMA series, by Rob Bell.

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