We reach out to others because God has first reached out to us in love, compassion and mercy. We have an opportunity to participate in God’s on-going mission to the world, and so we make every effort to do so - locally, nationally, and globally.

St. Paul's contributes to the Brighton Food Bank, The Beacon/NYFC, and started a breakfast program for Brighton Public School. Through our local high school (ENSS)we offer support for teens who suspect they may be, or are currently pregnant.  Our hall is used by groups like the VON, and Northumberland Family Respite Services. Many members of our parish are also active in a variety of volunteer works in our community, such as the Cancer Society, the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, the Beacon, and a number of boards and committees at the political level.

We also recognize that outreach takes us beyond our own borders. Through organizations such as FaithWorks, The Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Samaritans Purse, World Vision, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Sleeping Children Around The World, God's Littlest Angels Orphanage - Haiti, Madagascar Orphanage, Water Filters for Mexico, and others.... we share what we have with those in need around the globe. Largely through our connection with Northumberland YFC/Youth Unlimited, we have been engaged in and supportive of, mission trips to Ghana -West Africa, where we are partnered with a small church and their local ministry efforts.


Spiritual Direction 

One of the things that help in our relationship with God is regular times of prayer.  We encourage people to find a few minutes each day, time specially set apart for quietness, meditation and prayer.  We are called to be attentive to God’s voice, to follow where he has led the way, to remain faithful to his call. 

But sometimes, it is hard to know what God is saying to us.  The voice we hear – where does it come from?  Is it just me?  Am I making it up?  Or is this a voice that is leading me astray?  How can I be sure whether or not God is speaking to me?  Sometimes in prayer, it feels like we do not hear anything, that the well of prayer has run dry and we do not know what to do.   Other times we need to make a decision about our lives, and we go to God in prayer, but we need some help in discernment. 

These are good questions and often can lead us to find someone to talk to about our relationship with God.   This is the ministry of spiritual direction.  It is different than counselling and it not about “solving a problem”.  Spiritual direction is more about nurturing a relationship with Jesus, and seeking the guidance of another faithful Christian who has walked this way before.  Spiritual direction is about holy listening, helping us to centre on God, and live a grateful life more fully in God’s grace.

So, if you have come to a point where you may need some help in your prayer life, if you think God is calling you, but you are not sure where, then talk to Pastor Michael, and see if spiritual direction is right for you. 




Stephen Ministry

St. Paul’s is also enrolled in the Stephen Series system of lay-caring ministry, developed by Stephen Ministries, a non-profit religious and educational organization. The Stephen Series is named after Saint Stephen, the first disciple chosen by the Apostles to provide a caring ministry to the people.

The lay Stephen Ministers are trained in how to listen, how to respond to others’ feelings, and how to use traditional Christian resources in caring with people in crisis and need, all in a confidential manner. Such crisis and needs may include hospitalization, grief over the loss of a loved one, loneliness, divorce, loss of a job, birth of a child, and many other life events for which a person could benefit from an effective helping and caring ministry. It is a Christ-centered approach for the love and care of the whole person.

The Stephen Series both multiplies the amount of caring ministry that goes on within our congregation and deepens the level of participation of laypeople in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in offering your time and talent as a volunteer at St. Paul's, please contact Pastor Michael to learn more about the many opportunities which are available.

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